Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

Achieving the degree for the Course in Architecture, Regeneration and Sutainability entails specific finals, themselves consisting in preparing and presenting a series of graphic works (themselves similar to a portfolio) in order for them to be judged by a Degree Commission. The material to be used for the finals shall concern specific aspects of this Degree Course and be prepared by the undergraduates under the guidance of their supervisors. The dissertation may be partly presented during the final workshops, in order to spur these undergraduates to make the most of the knowledge and tools he acquired during the Degree Course. Furthermore, such an approach intends to stimulate undergraduates in making use of creative problem-solving, especially if they want to attempt the national qualifying exams in order to become Junior Architects or Planners. Graduates of this course may also consider their careers open to them or read to pursue the second-level Degrees in the field, making the most of everything they have learned. The Degree Commission, having approved the projects presented by the undergraduates, may mark their dissertations up to 110 cum laude. The degree exams and that the proclamation of newly graduates are public.