Admission test

Entry Requirements
In order to enroll in this Course, the students must have achieved an High School Diploma or an equivalent certificate issued abroad, as per the relevant law in force.

Limited enrollment
The students are admitted to the first year of this Degree Course following the results they achieved during the relevant national test set up by the Italian ministry of Education, Universities and Research (or MIUR, from its Italian acronym). The test is to be carried out at the same time within the main Italian universities.

Specific knowledge required
The activities and knowledge needed for students to enter the test are based on the fields high schools, as follows:
- general culture
-mathematics and physics
-drawing and design

Knowledge assessment
The knowledge assessment test for national the students intending to enroll in this Degree Course will feature a national minimum threshold, defined yearly by the aforementioned Ministry.

Additional Educational Obligations
if needed, the students will be allocated Additional Educational Obligations following the results of his or her entry tests. No Additional Educational Obligations shall be given to those students receiving a ark higher mark than the yearly threshold in the following areas, as defined by the Degree Course board during each academic year:
-drawing and design;
-mathematics and physics.
Should the aforementioned assessment test feature a negative outcome, those unable to pass this test shall receive Additional Educational Obligations (OFA, from their Italian acronym, Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi) to be tackled yearly.

Assessment of language knowledge and competences
No such assessment is required of students upon entry.

For better information contact Incoming guidance Responsible, Prof. Andrea Zerbi