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The course

The Degree Course in Architecture, Regeneration and Sutainability is focused on educating and training professionals able to assess architectural works in their technological, building and formal details Such knowledge will allow them to act, concerning both new and existing constructions, in order to reduce the consumption and the impact of buildings have in specific areas.
The specific competences this Degree Course provides shall allow its graduates to perform their activities supporting both architecture-based and urban design, up to and including the construction of buildings and recovery actions. The main objectives for this Course will shape graduates who, after having passed the Italian qualifying exam for Architects, will be able to autonomously perform the professional activities relevant to the study level (Junior Architect or Junior Planner). During the three years this Degree Course is organised in, it follows the path laid down in Directive EEC/85/384.
Therefore, Graduates of Class L-17 will have to possess the following skills and competences:
- they will have to possess a significant knowledge base, including its cultural and science aspects, as well as the history of architecture, on forms and representations, and on the mathematical instruments and the other scientific tools used to interpret and describe several aspects of architecture. Such objectives are pursued through courses dedicated to single subjects and integrated with each other. This is especially the case during the first two years of this Degree course. These activities are completed by workshops, especially useful in achieving competences in cartography and design;
- they will have to acquire, both in theory and in practice those methods used within those fields characterising this Degree Course (involving projects, technologies, recovering and urban issues) in order to frame and to solve typical architectural problems making use of updated methods, techniques and tools. Students acquire such knowledge during the second- and third-year courses as well as attending project workshops, making the most of the knowledge they have already gained;
-they shall be able to control, assess and manage all those aspects connected with technical and economic feasibility when architecture is concerned, while effectively communicating, both orally and in writing, using another EU language besides Italian as well.
The curriculum studiorum for this Degree Course offers, during his third year, further paths of specialization concerning urban design, with a special focus on planning and on the professional figures of junior planners. By the same token, this Course offers specialization paths connected with energy and buildings, especially when Junior Architects are concerned.
The juxtaposition of such knowledge and skills (no matter the specific architectural field they apply to) shall be the effective base for an harmonic and useful interaction between several different disciplinary areas, itself a good start when architectural culture is concerned, both for those who intend to pick a career and for those who want to pursue further studies in the field.

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